Rick Bava's Bio

Rick Bava is a spokesperson for the Baby Boomer Generation with a vast following.  He majored in Communications with a Business emphasis at the University of Wisconsin, studying under the famed Professor, Winston Brembeck.  Leveraging a successful thirty-year corporate career leading departments for companies such as Boeing and Digital, Rick launched his own company - The Bava Group, which became the premier communications consulting firm serving the Fortune 500 community.

From 2009 - 2011, Rick traveled the country and formally interviewed hundreds of Baby Boomers.  Since 2011 he has continued his discussions with Baby Boomers and his research of the generation is ongoing. He became well known and respected for his prominent, influential Baby Boomer blog. He is continuing to expand his involvement in addressing the topics most vital to the Baby Boomer Generation having added many new Baby Boomer related activities.

Rick Bava is the Author of the acclaimed book- "In Search of the Baby Boomer Generation." Rick Bava writes the featured column- The Baby Boomer Corner for Today's Senior Magazine. Rick Bava writes for Newsmax- as the featured Baby Boomer Generation expert, and is involved with the Boomer Nation Radio Show. Many consider Rick Bava to be a national leader for the Baby Boomer Generation...