Friday, October 21, 2011

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To date there are 114 articles available for Baby Boomers to view . They are on a wide range of topics . One can read about Elderly Care for Parents or Baby Boomers returning to Starbucks . Baby Boomers can explore the realism of losing a parent , and dealing with there Estate, or more light hearted topics such as recalling the family vacation of your youth , or 10 Movies for Baby Boomers . When coming on to the site , perhaps after reading one of the current articles , feel free to go through the archives , look over the titles , and enjoy subject matter germane to the Baby Boomer Generation ................ To date 312 Baby Boomers have been interviewed , and feedback from articles read has been rich , thus the content reflects , Baby Boomers , where they have been , where they are in there life today , and thoughts toward the future ................................ Thank You for reading ,,,,,,,, Rick Bava

Saturday, October 15, 2011

News and Notes [ October ]

Have you been following this story out of Orange County , Ca. In the small hamlet of Seal Beach , a gunman walked into a hair salon , and opened fire killing eight , and another is in critical condition . Apparently a custody battle , for the son sparked the shooter , a male who also injured his leg on the job out at sea . He also watched a man die , as part of the same kind of work and accident . But while the little boy was at school waiting to be picked up , his father killed his mother and others during moments of terror . The Orange County District attorney , is going to prosecute to the max , and ask for the death penalty . This raises the discussion for Baby Boomers . What is your feeling on the death penalty? Of 312 Baby Boomers interviewd , the results found almost a even split . The more conservative your politics , the more you favored , the more liberal , one was more inclined to say , the death penalty was not a deterent to crime . Some argue that cases exist where , the false accused , have been put to death . Illinois , had this occur over the last decade , prompting change . In Texas they lead the nation , in putting people to death . The answer , is not a good one .So many factors enter the thoughts of Baby Boomers . Factors such as Religion , Socio-Economic circumstances , Area of the country in which you were raised , all influence your thinking . It should be noted , Orange County , Ca. is a bastion , of conservative thinking , but it is also fair to consider , that a rampage , pre-meditated , motive defined , killer immediatly caught , is as clear a case as you will find for the advocates of the death penalty. But is it morally right ? Baby Boomers continue the debate ...............................................Are Baby Boomers shifting to the right ? This is the quetion posed by Karlyn Bowman and Andrew Rugg , as seen in the Los Angeles Times .There thesis is , and they state , " as Baby Boomers get old , they're becoming more conservative . "  The shift they think will alter the political landscape , and could have a impact on the 2012 election . They base there thought on the fact that only about 25% of Baby Boomers were as wild as the reputation of the 60's and 70's would suggest .They also suggest events such as Watergate effected , the way Baby Boomers think about politics .There conclusion is that Baby Boomers are now the establishment , and have been moving to the right politically . It begs the question , are Baby Boomers as they age becoming more conservative ? They say interview after interview that they expect there retirement , to look different than there parents . They imply change , they talk of staying active , fit , seeing to a weelness campaign . They say there judgement has not been clouded by world events , the economy . But underneath the surface , Bowman and Rugg may be on to something . As Baby Boomers age , there mindset does shift , health concerns , and security become more in focus . Baby Boomers today talk just as much about , Social Security and Medicare, as they once talked about changing the world , and having it all . Do Baby Boomers look more like there parents than they want to admit ? There children may be the barometer , as well as the miiror . The children see parents , and the mirror does not lie . As far as political beliefs , the 2012 election , may tell the story ................................................. Ok , I have read my e-mail , there are a lot of fellow Baby Boomers telling me that nobody is paying attention to the baseball playoffs . That me writing about it with the theory , that because we grew up on baseball , loved baseball , does not account for tastes changing . They site the ratings being down , that football is now king . That interest fell by the wayside once the Yankees , Red Sox , and Phillies were eliminated . Well fellow Baby Boomers I respect your opinion but disagree . The games this year have been compelling . Both the Rangers-Tigers Series , as well as Cardinals- Brewers , both at 3-2 , as of this writing has been great theatre . The Cardinal Fans last night waving there white towels , were dedicated . The night before in Detroit , hard hit by economic downturn , were there supporting there team. You see comparing baseball to football is apple to oranges . Football is event driven once a week to gear up , like going to a concert . There is nothing like that three hours on Sunday , for sure. But baseball is part of the fabric of society , part of a daily routine , it is over a period of time . You enjoy it for the culmination of a series of events  , for its complexities , and drama of situration . It is for people 9-99 . You pass time with baseball . Yes , like with everything today , perhaps money has diminished the romance of baseball . But Baby Boomers tune in to the remainder of the playoffs , and the World Series , you won't be sorry .

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


 It was nice to have Baby Boomers write in to share that they have appreciated the occasional Commentary . It is designed to comment on issues of the day from a Baby Boomer point of view , covering topics that are at the heart of the Baby Boomer landscape . That will be continued today . But before getting into that agenda , let me take a moment to thank the many , who have written in concerning the Poll Question , and you can be assured , that the topics you suggested for discussion will be taken up , in fact, the top topics in term of frequencey , will be taken on this month . One thing is for sure , all that has been written in , has relevance . What is interesting is the tone , which matches quite neatly , the interviews that have been conducted with Baby Boomers to date ................................... So , tonight in New Hampshire , at Dartmouth  , the Republicans will enter into there 7th debate , of the 2012 Election cycle . At this time in 2007 , the debates averaged about 3.5 million viewers , this time around the numbers have increased to 5.4 million , this according to the , Wall Street Journal . Perhaps Sarah Palin was on to something when she noted that these debates are like Reality TV . To many Baby Boomers , they are playing a significant role , in helping to sort out the candidates in the field . No matter your political affilation , the process to see who will run against President Obama has engaged , Baby Boomers . Tonights debate will be of significance , because it will involve a set field . With Governor Christie , saying no to a run , as well as former Governor Palin turning down the opprtunity , the choice for the nomination , will be the people on stage tonight , which should provide , a new round of fireworks and compettion . President Obama for his part , is in full campaign mode . He recently spent extended time on the west coast , raising momey , and taking on the Republicans , from some of there debate comments . He knows he is in for a race , so the war chest will be needed , as well as a early definition of the discussion . By the way , Baby Boomers who went to the Presidents fundraisers , like the one in La Jolla , Ca. [ San Diego County ] , were expected to donate up words of 35k ..................As mentioned in this space before , Baby Boomers are following the Baseball playoffs . The St. Louis Cardinals and the Milwaukee Brewers , tied at 1-1 as of this writing promises to be a series for the ages . There is no love lost between these two clubs , and both teams are blessed with Baseball talent . This National League series, will remind Baby Boomers , of days gone by . This is like the way Baseball was played in the 1960's , when Baby Boomers fell in love with the game , probably watching the World Series , in school , when the games were played in the daytime . Over in the Americn League , Baby Boomer Icon , Nolan Ryan , the legendary pitcher , and now CEO of the Texas Rangers , has produced a team, that may go to the World Series for the second staight year . Playing the injury depleted , Detroit Tigers , who have already accomplished a major feat ,  having knocked off the Yankees . The Tigers who are managed by , the Great Baseball man Jim Leyland , also features , one of the best Right Handed Pitchers to come along , in many a decade , that being Justin Verlander . He could have piched in the days of Gibson , Drysdale , and Marachial , the great Right Handers of that time .................................Tiger Woods had a hot dog thrown at him , during his final round of the tounament , during the final round on Sunday . The fall from grace of this individual , is hard to imagine . But a smaller point , but germane to golf fans is that , another year will go by , without him winning a tounament . For Baby Boomers the golf part has happened before . Arnold Palmer dominated golf , like Woods , in the late 50's and 1960's . But age and compettion , caught up with him as well , finally in 1973 , he won one last tounament on the  PGA , The Bob Hope Classic . Of course , as Arnold Palmer decended , Jack Nicklaus , came to prominance . Woods who had hoped to break Nicklaus , record for majors , if history is a judge , will fall short . Unfortunately , he will also fall short in the character quotion . But rather then thrash Tiger , everyone seems to do that , Baby Boomers would rather look to the fine example of the two golfers they loved , Palmer and Nicklaus , and point out that these two men have carried themselves with excellant deportmant , given back to the game of Golf , and to this day are the gold standard for the Golf industry ..........................Finally , in Corporate News , Starbucks is about to expand to a new market ,  India . Fast growing and prosperous , the people of India , have become coffee drinkers, Starbucks hopes to capitalize . What a different company Starbucks is , with Howard Schultz back at the helm . They are back on track , as one of the World's great brands , after losing there way . Companies make mistakes , think [ new coke ] , but it how you recover that makes the difference . The legendary company from , Atlanta , saw the error of there ways and adjusted , and there brand remains the most admired . So now it will be NetFlix , to handle the consumer backlash . Baby Boomers , big movie buffs , were taking great advantage of the mail delivery service , movies to your door affordably . But in there infinite wisdom , Netflix changed there businees model , Baby Boomers led the charge to cancel the service . Netflix has made a about face , on there strategy , Baby Boomers will be following the story closely .........RB

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Poll Queastion

 To Baby Boomers who are frequent readers , and those who visit the site . It has come to my attention that Baby Boomers would like to offer , the list of the three most important issues facing Baby Boomers . Some who write in would like me to write about , comment on the issues , as well as to incorporate the data of the 312 Baby Boomers I have interviewed to date , from all parts of the country ............. Thus , What are the three most important issues facing Baby Boomers , and your current stage of life ? Please write your answers and any comments you would like to add , and send them via e-mail to me , Rick Bava , at , [ ] . Thank You for your participation , Regards , Rick Bava of , Rick Bava on the Baby Boom Generation , and spokesperson for Baby Boomers ..