Saturday, October 8, 2011

Poll Queastion

 To Baby Boomers who are frequent readers , and those who visit the site . It has come to my attention that Baby Boomers would like to offer , the list of the three most important issues facing Baby Boomers . Some who write in would like me to write about , comment on the issues , as well as to incorporate the data of the 312 Baby Boomers I have interviewed to date , from all parts of the country ............. Thus , What are the three most important issues facing Baby Boomers , and your current stage of life ? Please write your answers and any comments you would like to add , and send them via e-mail to me , Rick Bava , at , [ ] . Thank You for your participation , Regards , Rick Bava of , Rick Bava on the Baby Boom Generation , and spokesperson for Baby Boomers ..

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  1. I attended my 45th year high school class reunion a month ago. I had only attended the 20th before. It was an event I will never forget. During high school, I tried very hard to be invisible. In fact I tried very hard to flunk out. My parents were divorcing but I didn't know why. I was lost and angry. But I had people left and right who came up to me and said they so glad to see me. That I was a wonderful friend to them in school. That I was a terrific singer in the choir. And on and on. I would occasionally turn around to see if they were talking to someone behind me, because it certainly wasn't the person I remember in high school! I was awed.

    I consider myself a graduate many times over of the school of hard knocks. But Boomers are nothing if not survivors! I can related to almost every word in this post. And after that reunion, I now truly appreciate other Boomers far more than I ever did.