Thursday, September 29, 2011

Quick Takes [ Part Two ]

Yesterday we discussed in this space the epic collapse of the Boston Red Sox . Well last night there " September to Remember " , as the Associated Press called it , came to conclusion . They blew a 3-2 lead in the 9th , while Tampa Bay came back from a 7-0 deficit against the Yankees , and now Boston is homeward bound instead of playoff bound . It is said by Baseball experts that what the Red Sox managed to do , in losing , in September , is of historic proportion . They for most of the Baseball Season were a certain lock for the playoffs . No diehard Tampa Bay Rays fan , if there is such a thing , could ever imagine , even in day dream form , that they would catch the Red Sox . The Theo Epstein led team , he being the real Money Ball GM , are a little less full of themselves this morning , on Yawkey Way . Most Baseball people think that there manager , the good Baseball man , Terry Franconia , will take the heat . But the front office , who tends to think they are smarter then all others , are eating humble pie this morning . But one can't leave this story without giving true credit to maybe one of the best Basball minds in the business , Tampa Bay skipper , Joe Madden . Congratulations to him and his team for a Baseball ACOMPLISHMENT FOR THE AGES ................................................... The other great Basball mind , in fact by this writers estimation , the best of the best , Tony LaRussa , of the Cardinals , completed there historic comeback last night as well . Down 10.5 games in late August , The St. Louis Cardinals refused to quit , a credit to a La Ruusa led team . There ace Chris Carpenter , shut out the Astros last night . He was a big game pitcher , in a big game . Tied with Atlanta going into last night , the Braves could not hold a lead against the Phillies , and lost painfully in extra innings sending the Cards to the Playoffs . Last night was certainly a night for Baseball to celebrate . Perhaps one of the great nights in Baseball history . Why this is so important to Baby Boomers is because , Baseball is the game Baby Boomers were raised on , the Sixties , argueably one of the great decades for Baseball is when Baby Boomers cut there teeth on the game . This was a time when Baby Boomers , would take there transistor radio with them to bed , and fall asleep listening to there team . It was time when Baby Boomers traded Baseball cards , and discussed and played Baseball all the time . So to Baby Boomers last night in Baseball was not only exciting , but also a bit RETRO....................................... Before we go today one non -Baseball story of importance . Emily Rooney , a Baby Boomer , and a television person of note , at WGBH in Boston , ponders not only the Red Sox , but the retirement of her dad , Andy Rooney . He will sign off from , " 60 Minutes "  on Sunday . Many call him , one of a kind . Some say it is the end of a era . But this is more than a great journalist riding off in the sunset . For Mr. Rooney is the last of his kind , a  " Professional Reporter " . His era was about the story , the facts , and the business of observation . His era was about the reporting , not making themselves the issue . His colleagues , like Cronkite , Wallace , Bradley thought getting to the bottom of the story , with keen talent for the issues , were at the heart of there job . This was before , a reporter or a network deceided to take a stand in the debate . So Good Luck to Andy Rooney , may you enjoy your time with your wonderful family , and continue to notice the world around you ...............................................

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