Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Baby Boomers Supply Feedback

 One of the most interesting developments of the blog , Rick Bava on the Baby Boom Generation has been the amount of feedback that has taken place . Once a story gets posted , it is then shared via Social Media as to the content . Sometimes a news source will also tell of the topic being discussed . From there Baby Boomers will read and react . For example something like , " Baby Boomers Remember the Family Vacation " , a highly read article , Baby Boomers will often share and reflect upon there own experiences , by e-mailing , Rick Bava . Sometimes on a more serious topic such as Social Security , or elderly care for parents , it is not un-common to see posts on facebook or linkedin , about the topic . As in the case where the story content deals with a company like in the article , " Baby Boomers return to Starbucks " , comments and observations make it onto that companies Social Media , or Web page .............. But in the end , the reader will simply e-mail , Rick Bava , which is indeed welcomed . Baby Boomers as it has been indicated , read this blog on a regular basis . As one Baby Boomer put it recently , writing on facebook , " it is nice to have a place for Baby Boomers to go , that speaks to the topics we are interested in , and for which we identify " ............................ Baby Boomers report that they usually look for the recent topic , if they are a regular reader , but will often go through the listing of stories to make sure they have not missed anything. Sometimes upon making a recommendation for other Baby Boomers to read , they will mention the breadth of topics , that are up on the blog for exploration .It is safe to say the responce to this blog for Baby Boomers is far beyond what was originally thought . What started out as a place to report on interviews with Baby Boomers across America , has evolved into , a regular column for Baby Boomers to take part in , read , learn , and see that they are feeling things at this stage of life , similar to other Baby Boomers................................ To all Baby Boomers who continue to read this blog on and for Baby Boomers , Thank You for the positive feedback , and Thank You for taking the time to read.........................................Regards , Rick Bava of , Rick Bava on the Baby Boom Generation

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