Saturday, September 24, 2011

From the Mail Bag

As Baby Boomers write in with , issues , concerns and topics for discussion , there is a somewhat confidence in there tone of telling the story . While each Baby Boomer is different , a set of summary thoughts seem to be similar from Baby Boomer to Baby Boomer . This space has tried when this occurs to cover it with a article . In fact many of the topics selected are from the amounts of mail that takes place on a particular Baby Boomer subject .......................... For example , the story titled . " Breakfast with Mom and Dad " , is a direct result of several Baby Boomers speaking to the issue of losing a parent or parents . The thoughts that came from our Generation about how difficult the bereavement process has been , is universal to Baby Boomers at this time . Another example was the story titled . " A Hero's Life " . Here Baby Boomers lamented about , how it seemed there parents and grandparents talked in such glowing terms about the people of there day , thus prompting the question , do Baby Boomers have heroes ? Then there is the ever topical discussion of politics . Baby Boomers always so engaged continue to comment on the current landscape . The opinions are all over the map. Some conservative Baby Boomers write in after every  Republican debate . Democrats write in on a regular basis about President Obama . One interesting comment came in about , who is a better communicator , the current  President , or former President Clinton . That topic was so interesting it made it on to Linkedin . This brings up another topic , Baby Boomers are trying to find there way in the world of Social Media . While we covered a while back the emergence of Baby Boomers onto Socil Media , Baby Boomers continue to stuggle with its application to there business . They love facebook for friend and family communication , but does it help the business they just started ? While the jury is still out on the question , what seems to be common place for Baby Boomers is the subject of how to maximize Social Media ? Further how can they improve in the use of the tool ? Most Baby Boomers conceed there are different roles for different tools . For example , facebook for the masses , linkedin for the classes , i.e., facebook for social contact , linkedin for business . Baby Boomers are still trying to find there way in the twitter and Google+ world .................................. A new topic that this space will take up shortly , is what some Baby Boomers call , not feeling Guilty , for the way they have conducted there life . The meaning here is that every day you open up the newspaper and there is another bad report on the economy . Unemployment plaques Baby Boomers , and veterens go homeless . But here is the rub , for a percentage of the Baby Boomer population , this does not apply . For some Baby Boomers there career went well , there home is paid , and they do not suffer from credit card debt . These are the Baby Boomers who want there story told . They are the faces of the wealth mangement ads , and the Baby Boomers who list travel as the number one priority........................... So as we move forward covering the issues of the Baby Boom Generation , this writer continues to be proud to be a spokesperson for his Generation , and write about the the things that resonate with our Generation , Baby Boomers...........................................................Thank You for Reading, .... Rick Bava

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