Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Quick Takes

Like a short stack of pancakes today's column deals with a short stack of issues . Taking on multiple issues of the the day rather then theme oriented , we take into consideration what Baby Boomers are saying based on current events . For example in the world of politics , Republicans while thinking they have a good chance of winning the White House in 2012 , are having trouble finding a standard bearer . Some commentators say , the base is not happy with the field , or like a candidate for a while , then seem to lose support. First , Bachman had the hot hand , then Perry . Now some still hope Palin will run . Not to mention , that Romney an established qualified candidate still trys to get the home fires burning ............................ In Baseball , what happened to the Red Sox in September , they may still make it into the playoffs , but if they do , they will limp in . They go into the last day of the season tied with Tampa Bay for the wild card . Baby Boomers remember the Red Sox of 78 , blowing a 14 game lead and losing to the Yankees in a one game play-off courtesy of Bucky Dent . All Boston readers will recognize that name . The light hitting shortstop hit a key home run over the green monster to break Bostons heart . .................................. In golf , Bill Haas won the Fed-Ex Cup and the Tour Championship this past Sunday . He the son of Baby Boomer golfing great Jay Haas , collected 11.5 million doolars for one days work . The question to ask though is this good for golf ? Are the golf playoffs good for the sport ? Did fans follow the four tournament playoff race ? Most Baby Boomers the true fan base of golf , the ones who buy the memberships to the clubs , and buy the golf shirts and equipment , did not tune in. It is football season now , and in San Diego that means the Chargers , not Rancho Santa Fe [ outside San Diego ] resident , Phil Mickelson ............................Speaking of San Diego and the West Coast , President Obama spent the last several days there doing fundraising . He knows he is in a race , and his efforts to fill the war chest reflect what his party thinks about 2012 . To the liberal members of his party who have called for him to attack the Republicans , he showd he is in full campaign mode , commenting on the Republican debates and there candidates . He has particuliar bite for Perry , but there platform of Social Issues , is on the table . The question for the President is will voters , vote there pocket book ? Will his voting block of 2008 stay together ? Baby Boomers are glad to see him out talking in support of Social Security , but so is Romney . The Wall Street Journal looked at the Electoral Map this week and by all accounts , we are headed for a late night in November , 2012 ............ The issues that Baby Boomers also commentd on were , the Palestian question and the UN , the continued poor performance of the economy , especially the lack of job creation , and last weeks poor performance of the stock market . Baby Boomers have been trying to tell all that will listen , what happens in the other parts of the World , effects us here at home . The meaning here , if Greece defaults , or the European Union does not have a plan , it will effect your retirement portfolio . We live in a Global World ........................ Finally , a big issue is starting to emerge for Baby Boomers . It came up in some periodicals this past week . As a Baby Boomer what is your responcability when it comes to your Grand -Children ? This came to light because as parents help there children by taking care of there kids , does it limit there own life , but furthermore how much say then do they have ? Baby Boomers were disturbed to read , that a fellow Baby Boomer asked there daughter to not to have any more kids do to the amount of there Baby- Sitting -Duties . While Baby Boomers did not like the intrusion into the daughters life , they feel empathy for the Grandparents , there peers . The most common comment was , " hey wait a minute we already raised our family " . But the stress of the economic climate does add to the dynamic ................. So there you have it Baby Boomers some quick takes ........

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