Friday, December 2, 2011

Publishers Note....

Thank You to the readers who continue to make this site, well visited. I am encouraged by your feedback and , your suggestion of topics . Your voice that says this blog is providing a service to the Baby Boomer community motivates me . This is important because like a lot of Baby Boomers, who are into a second career , you want to make a contribution to Society . That was my number one goal when I began to chronicle our Generation , Baby Boomers . As a Baby Boomer , writing about Baby Boomers I seek to share stories that will resonate. You e-mails tell me , I am doing my job........ For those of you seeking to write in , and have said , my e-mail should be posted in a Publishers note , by all means let me share it.................................. [ ] ....................... One final note, please review the titles in the Archives . For those of you who have been reading for months , it will provide a review of topics covered , and for those new to our readership , perhaps you will find something of interest ................................ Thank You for the continued support..... Rick Bava

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Three Popular Stories

 Since this blog began , most stories have been well read and received . Just like anything else , some have had more attention than others . For example in April topics dealing with elderly parents care , death of parents , and dealing with the estate of loved ones , garnered a great deal of attention . Their has been articles on remembering the family vacation , or ten movies for Baby Boomers that very much resonated with the audience . A article on Baby Boomers returning to Starbucks brought a great deal of attention to the blog and have resulted in a vast readership ................ But there has never been a week llike this last one . Where three consecutive stories became so poplular with the Baby Boomer audience , the readers of this blog . The spike in the readership has been gratifying . It is great that Baby Boomers have found a home to read about topics that interest them , and as the publisher , one can only hope that when you create something , it finds a audience................. The three stories that are being refered to , deal with separate and diverse topics. The only thing they have in common is that they were written back to back , and written and largely read in the same week , last week . The warm comments from fellow Baby Boomers , about the stories prompted me to make a note of it this morning . They were as follows : " Presidential Timber " , dealing with the qualifications to run for President and be President . Another concerning , " Tim Tebow " , the much talked about young quaterback of the Denver Broncos , and the third , and this one really lit up the phone lines [ the e-mail inbox ] , the story about the , " Question of Failure " . What made this such a hot button issue was that it was based on a discussion that has been going on in the group page of the Harvard Business Review page on  Linkedin . Taking the position that Harvard connected people could be doing more for the world that we are living in , then a feel sorry for themselves , or class project on Social Network , got Baby Boomers juices flowing .............................. In the end , I wanted to take the time to Thank all of you who read on a regular basis , and the new readers , who maybe found a voice through the articles of the past week................   Regards , Rick Bava

Thursday, November 10, 2011

News- Paterno- Veterans Day

Well it has been some week , culmanating in the dismissall of Coach Joe Paterno . Penn State , sometimes known as happy valley , has been more like depressed and disallusioned . It is a sad state of affairs . Here is a man who gave 61 years to a university , was revered for his character , the shaping of boys to men . He is synonymous with the institution . He has raised coutless dollars , given much of his own money , and his name along with his wife is on the library . But the scandal will forever taint his legacy . It is said by the trustees of Penn State , that it was in the best interest of the university , that he be fired . They called him on the phone to deliver the news in curt fashion , after sending a courier to his house , telling him to call a number , like it was a episode of Mission Impossible . Within minutes 61 years down the drain, all the good forgotten . Coach Paterno by his own account said , in hindsight , he wished he would have done more .......Just a few thoughts , in 2002 , a graduate assistant comes to him along with his father , to tell Coach Paterno , that a man he has known for 35 years , was doing something with a young boy in the shower at the football facility . What actually , was Paterno told , was it horse play , or graphic details of molestation ? Did the coach , who holds loyality as one of his life tennents , think to himself , not Jerry , this is hard to believe . Should he have confronted his friend ? Should he have followed up , after reporting the conversation with the administaration ? Did he think this would all blow over ? When nothing happened , did he think it was a mis understanding ? Did he believe , that a man who was helping troubled youth , was doing something wrong ? Think about it , if someone came to you about a good friend  , with disturbing information , what would you do ? What we know for sure , is that Paterno reported it , but only learned of the graphic and serious nature , when he read the grand jury report . At that point he was horrified . But as they say , the horse was now out of the barn . A incident in 2002 , that comes to light in 2011 . The problem is that , it was not horse play , it was a man , who took advantage of children . His day in court [ Jerry Sandusky ] , will be December 7th , he claims innocense , as does the two officials that Paterno went too , with the complaint , the AD , and the V.P. of business affairs , the campus police was under his perview . Paterno , it is said did the legal right thing , but not the moral right thing . But different then the media reports to date , and the rush to judgement , I want the full story to come out before , we as a society , prosecute , a man Joe Paterno . Like the scandal with the catholic church , we have a hard time accepting , that men on the surface who appear good , do wrong . Like the church scandal , the cover-up was as bad as the acts themselves . My guess is that Paterno was not part of a cover up , but was maybe reluctant , or did not seem to think it was important to pursue matters further . Baby Boomers I will leave you with this thought on this subject , before covering a bit about Veterans Day . Do you remember , Franco Harris , Lydel Mitchell , John Cappaletti , Jack Ham , they all played for Joe Paterno . Thes are names Baby Boomers remember , from the time they were in high school . From that point to the present , Joe Paterno has been the role-model , of the way college sports was to operate . For 46 years as a head coach , ballplayers , played and did in fact graduate . They knew of the college experience , they found the library . Penn State was in fact , '" Success with honor " . As horrible as this set of circumatances are , let us not throw rocks , at a man who for 84 years , has done a lot of good for a lot of people . Could he have done more , in this situration , that is obvious , and Joe Paterno will have to live with that , but let us not completely diminish the man, until we either know all the facts , and let us also remember that the true villian here is Jerry Sandusky , a.k.a. , the predator [ allegedly ] .................. Finally today , tomorrow is Veterans Day . I am so happy to see that places like Applebee's and The Olive Garden and others , are going to once again feed veterans . The reason why this is worth mentioning , is because many who will take advantage of the offer , are Baby Boomers , who served in Vietnam , and which 20% , are said to be homeless . After World War II , we embraced the fighting man , who fought for are freedom . Today , we honor all that serve . When the soldiers came home from Vietnam , they were spit upon . They never got the respect they deserved . They were just the men who went and did the fighting , it wasn't there war . The anti-war sentiment was not there fault . These men are now old , who need help , and deserve our respect . So I applaud  all who raise a hand to help ............................

Friday, October 21, 2011

Publisher Note......

To date there are 114 articles available for Baby Boomers to view . They are on a wide range of topics . One can read about Elderly Care for Parents or Baby Boomers returning to Starbucks . Baby Boomers can explore the realism of losing a parent , and dealing with there Estate, or more light hearted topics such as recalling the family vacation of your youth , or 10 Movies for Baby Boomers . When coming on to the site , perhaps after reading one of the current articles , feel free to go through the archives , look over the titles , and enjoy subject matter germane to the Baby Boomer Generation ................ To date 312 Baby Boomers have been interviewed , and feedback from articles read has been rich , thus the content reflects , Baby Boomers , where they have been , where they are in there life today , and thoughts toward the future ................................ Thank You for reading ,,,,,,,, Rick Bava

Saturday, October 15, 2011

News and Notes [ October ]

Have you been following this story out of Orange County , Ca. In the small hamlet of Seal Beach , a gunman walked into a hair salon , and opened fire killing eight , and another is in critical condition . Apparently a custody battle , for the son sparked the shooter , a male who also injured his leg on the job out at sea . He also watched a man die , as part of the same kind of work and accident . But while the little boy was at school waiting to be picked up , his father killed his mother and others during moments of terror . The Orange County District attorney , is going to prosecute to the max , and ask for the death penalty . This raises the discussion for Baby Boomers . What is your feeling on the death penalty? Of 312 Baby Boomers interviewd , the results found almost a even split . The more conservative your politics , the more you favored , the more liberal , one was more inclined to say , the death penalty was not a deterent to crime . Some argue that cases exist where , the false accused , have been put to death . Illinois , had this occur over the last decade , prompting change . In Texas they lead the nation , in putting people to death . The answer , is not a good one .So many factors enter the thoughts of Baby Boomers . Factors such as Religion , Socio-Economic circumstances , Area of the country in which you were raised , all influence your thinking . It should be noted , Orange County , Ca. is a bastion , of conservative thinking , but it is also fair to consider , that a rampage , pre-meditated , motive defined , killer immediatly caught , is as clear a case as you will find for the advocates of the death penalty. But is it morally right ? Baby Boomers continue the debate ...............................................Are Baby Boomers shifting to the right ? This is the quetion posed by Karlyn Bowman and Andrew Rugg , as seen in the Los Angeles Times .There thesis is , and they state , " as Baby Boomers get old , they're becoming more conservative . "  The shift they think will alter the political landscape , and could have a impact on the 2012 election . They base there thought on the fact that only about 25% of Baby Boomers were as wild as the reputation of the 60's and 70's would suggest .They also suggest events such as Watergate effected , the way Baby Boomers think about politics .There conclusion is that Baby Boomers are now the establishment , and have been moving to the right politically . It begs the question , are Baby Boomers as they age becoming more conservative ? They say interview after interview that they expect there retirement , to look different than there parents . They imply change , they talk of staying active , fit , seeing to a weelness campaign . They say there judgement has not been clouded by world events , the economy . But underneath the surface , Bowman and Rugg may be on to something . As Baby Boomers age , there mindset does shift , health concerns , and security become more in focus . Baby Boomers today talk just as much about , Social Security and Medicare, as they once talked about changing the world , and having it all . Do Baby Boomers look more like there parents than they want to admit ? There children may be the barometer , as well as the miiror . The children see parents , and the mirror does not lie . As far as political beliefs , the 2012 election , may tell the story ................................................. Ok , I have read my e-mail , there are a lot of fellow Baby Boomers telling me that nobody is paying attention to the baseball playoffs . That me writing about it with the theory , that because we grew up on baseball , loved baseball , does not account for tastes changing . They site the ratings being down , that football is now king . That interest fell by the wayside once the Yankees , Red Sox , and Phillies were eliminated . Well fellow Baby Boomers I respect your opinion but disagree . The games this year have been compelling . Both the Rangers-Tigers Series , as well as Cardinals- Brewers , both at 3-2 , as of this writing has been great theatre . The Cardinal Fans last night waving there white towels , were dedicated . The night before in Detroit , hard hit by economic downturn , were there supporting there team. You see comparing baseball to football is apple to oranges . Football is event driven once a week to gear up , like going to a concert . There is nothing like that three hours on Sunday , for sure. But baseball is part of the fabric of society , part of a daily routine , it is over a period of time . You enjoy it for the culmination of a series of events  , for its complexities , and drama of situration . It is for people 9-99 . You pass time with baseball . Yes , like with everything today , perhaps money has diminished the romance of baseball . But Baby Boomers tune in to the remainder of the playoffs , and the World Series , you won't be sorry .

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


 It was nice to have Baby Boomers write in to share that they have appreciated the occasional Commentary . It is designed to comment on issues of the day from a Baby Boomer point of view , covering topics that are at the heart of the Baby Boomer landscape . That will be continued today . But before getting into that agenda , let me take a moment to thank the many , who have written in concerning the Poll Question , and you can be assured , that the topics you suggested for discussion will be taken up , in fact, the top topics in term of frequencey , will be taken on this month . One thing is for sure , all that has been written in , has relevance . What is interesting is the tone , which matches quite neatly , the interviews that have been conducted with Baby Boomers to date ................................... So , tonight in New Hampshire , at Dartmouth  , the Republicans will enter into there 7th debate , of the 2012 Election cycle . At this time in 2007 , the debates averaged about 3.5 million viewers , this time around the numbers have increased to 5.4 million , this according to the , Wall Street Journal . Perhaps Sarah Palin was on to something when she noted that these debates are like Reality TV . To many Baby Boomers , they are playing a significant role , in helping to sort out the candidates in the field . No matter your political affilation , the process to see who will run against President Obama has engaged , Baby Boomers . Tonights debate will be of significance , because it will involve a set field . With Governor Christie , saying no to a run , as well as former Governor Palin turning down the opprtunity , the choice for the nomination , will be the people on stage tonight , which should provide , a new round of fireworks and compettion . President Obama for his part , is in full campaign mode . He recently spent extended time on the west coast , raising momey , and taking on the Republicans , from some of there debate comments . He knows he is in for a race , so the war chest will be needed , as well as a early definition of the discussion . By the way , Baby Boomers who went to the Presidents fundraisers , like the one in La Jolla , Ca. [ San Diego County ] , were expected to donate up words of 35k ..................As mentioned in this space before , Baby Boomers are following the Baseball playoffs . The St. Louis Cardinals and the Milwaukee Brewers , tied at 1-1 as of this writing promises to be a series for the ages . There is no love lost between these two clubs , and both teams are blessed with Baseball talent . This National League series, will remind Baby Boomers , of days gone by . This is like the way Baseball was played in the 1960's , when Baby Boomers fell in love with the game , probably watching the World Series , in school , when the games were played in the daytime . Over in the Americn League , Baby Boomer Icon , Nolan Ryan , the legendary pitcher , and now CEO of the Texas Rangers , has produced a team, that may go to the World Series for the second staight year . Playing the injury depleted , Detroit Tigers , who have already accomplished a major feat ,  having knocked off the Yankees . The Tigers who are managed by , the Great Baseball man Jim Leyland , also features , one of the best Right Handed Pitchers to come along , in many a decade , that being Justin Verlander . He could have piched in the days of Gibson , Drysdale , and Marachial , the great Right Handers of that time .................................Tiger Woods had a hot dog thrown at him , during his final round of the tounament , during the final round on Sunday . The fall from grace of this individual , is hard to imagine . But a smaller point , but germane to golf fans is that , another year will go by , without him winning a tounament . For Baby Boomers the golf part has happened before . Arnold Palmer dominated golf , like Woods , in the late 50's and 1960's . But age and compettion , caught up with him as well , finally in 1973 , he won one last tounament on the  PGA , The Bob Hope Classic . Of course , as Arnold Palmer decended , Jack Nicklaus , came to prominance . Woods who had hoped to break Nicklaus , record for majors , if history is a judge , will fall short . Unfortunately , he will also fall short in the character quotion . But rather then thrash Tiger , everyone seems to do that , Baby Boomers would rather look to the fine example of the two golfers they loved , Palmer and Nicklaus , and point out that these two men have carried themselves with excellant deportmant , given back to the game of Golf , and to this day are the gold standard for the Golf industry ..........................Finally , in Corporate News , Starbucks is about to expand to a new market ,  India . Fast growing and prosperous , the people of India , have become coffee drinkers, Starbucks hopes to capitalize . What a different company Starbucks is , with Howard Schultz back at the helm . They are back on track , as one of the World's great brands , after losing there way . Companies make mistakes , think [ new coke ] , but it how you recover that makes the difference . The legendary company from , Atlanta , saw the error of there ways and adjusted , and there brand remains the most admired . So now it will be NetFlix , to handle the consumer backlash . Baby Boomers , big movie buffs , were taking great advantage of the mail delivery service , movies to your door affordably . But in there infinite wisdom , Netflix changed there businees model , Baby Boomers led the charge to cancel the service . Netflix has made a about face , on there strategy , Baby Boomers will be following the story closely .........RB

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Poll Queastion

 To Baby Boomers who are frequent readers , and those who visit the site . It has come to my attention that Baby Boomers would like to offer , the list of the three most important issues facing Baby Boomers . Some who write in would like me to write about , comment on the issues , as well as to incorporate the data of the 312 Baby Boomers I have interviewed to date , from all parts of the country ............. Thus , What are the three most important issues facing Baby Boomers , and your current stage of life ? Please write your answers and any comments you would like to add , and send them via e-mail to me , Rick Bava , at , [ ] . Thank You for your participation , Regards , Rick Bava of , Rick Bava on the Baby Boom Generation , and spokesperson for Baby Boomers ..

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Quick Takes [ Part Two ]

Yesterday we discussed in this space the epic collapse of the Boston Red Sox . Well last night there " September to Remember " , as the Associated Press called it , came to conclusion . They blew a 3-2 lead in the 9th , while Tampa Bay came back from a 7-0 deficit against the Yankees , and now Boston is homeward bound instead of playoff bound . It is said by Baseball experts that what the Red Sox managed to do , in losing , in September , is of historic proportion . They for most of the Baseball Season were a certain lock for the playoffs . No diehard Tampa Bay Rays fan , if there is such a thing , could ever imagine , even in day dream form , that they would catch the Red Sox . The Theo Epstein led team , he being the real Money Ball GM , are a little less full of themselves this morning , on Yawkey Way . Most Baseball people think that there manager , the good Baseball man , Terry Franconia , will take the heat . But the front office , who tends to think they are smarter then all others , are eating humble pie this morning . But one can't leave this story without giving true credit to maybe one of the best Basball minds in the business , Tampa Bay skipper , Joe Madden . Congratulations to him and his team for a Baseball ACOMPLISHMENT FOR THE AGES ................................................... The other great Basball mind , in fact by this writers estimation , the best of the best , Tony LaRussa , of the Cardinals , completed there historic comeback last night as well . Down 10.5 games in late August , The St. Louis Cardinals refused to quit , a credit to a La Ruusa led team . There ace Chris Carpenter , shut out the Astros last night . He was a big game pitcher , in a big game . Tied with Atlanta going into last night , the Braves could not hold a lead against the Phillies , and lost painfully in extra innings sending the Cards to the Playoffs . Last night was certainly a night for Baseball to celebrate . Perhaps one of the great nights in Baseball history . Why this is so important to Baby Boomers is because , Baseball is the game Baby Boomers were raised on , the Sixties , argueably one of the great decades for Baseball is when Baby Boomers cut there teeth on the game . This was a time when Baby Boomers , would take there transistor radio with them to bed , and fall asleep listening to there team . It was time when Baby Boomers traded Baseball cards , and discussed and played Baseball all the time . So to Baby Boomers last night in Baseball was not only exciting , but also a bit RETRO....................................... Before we go today one non -Baseball story of importance . Emily Rooney , a Baby Boomer , and a television person of note , at WGBH in Boston , ponders not only the Red Sox , but the retirement of her dad , Andy Rooney . He will sign off from , " 60 Minutes "  on Sunday . Many call him , one of a kind . Some say it is the end of a era . But this is more than a great journalist riding off in the sunset . For Mr. Rooney is the last of his kind , a  " Professional Reporter " . His era was about the story , the facts , and the business of observation . His era was about the reporting , not making themselves the issue . His colleagues , like Cronkite , Wallace , Bradley thought getting to the bottom of the story , with keen talent for the issues , were at the heart of there job . This was before , a reporter or a network deceided to take a stand in the debate . So Good Luck to Andy Rooney , may you enjoy your time with your wonderful family , and continue to notice the world around you ...............................................

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Quick Takes

Like a short stack of pancakes today's column deals with a short stack of issues . Taking on multiple issues of the the day rather then theme oriented , we take into consideration what Baby Boomers are saying based on current events . For example in the world of politics , Republicans while thinking they have a good chance of winning the White House in 2012 , are having trouble finding a standard bearer . Some commentators say , the base is not happy with the field , or like a candidate for a while , then seem to lose support. First , Bachman had the hot hand , then Perry . Now some still hope Palin will run . Not to mention , that Romney an established qualified candidate still trys to get the home fires burning ............................ In Baseball , what happened to the Red Sox in September , they may still make it into the playoffs , but if they do , they will limp in . They go into the last day of the season tied with Tampa Bay for the wild card . Baby Boomers remember the Red Sox of 78 , blowing a 14 game lead and losing to the Yankees in a one game play-off courtesy of Bucky Dent . All Boston readers will recognize that name . The light hitting shortstop hit a key home run over the green monster to break Bostons heart . .................................. In golf , Bill Haas won the Fed-Ex Cup and the Tour Championship this past Sunday . He the son of Baby Boomer golfing great Jay Haas , collected 11.5 million doolars for one days work . The question to ask though is this good for golf ? Are the golf playoffs good for the sport ? Did fans follow the four tournament playoff race ? Most Baby Boomers the true fan base of golf , the ones who buy the memberships to the clubs , and buy the golf shirts and equipment , did not tune in. It is football season now , and in San Diego that means the Chargers , not Rancho Santa Fe [ outside San Diego ] resident , Phil Mickelson ............................Speaking of San Diego and the West Coast , President Obama spent the last several days there doing fundraising . He knows he is in a race , and his efforts to fill the war chest reflect what his party thinks about 2012 . To the liberal members of his party who have called for him to attack the Republicans , he showd he is in full campaign mode , commenting on the Republican debates and there candidates . He has particuliar bite for Perry , but there platform of Social Issues , is on the table . The question for the President is will voters , vote there pocket book ? Will his voting block of 2008 stay together ? Baby Boomers are glad to see him out talking in support of Social Security , but so is Romney . The Wall Street Journal looked at the Electoral Map this week and by all accounts , we are headed for a late night in November , 2012 ............ The issues that Baby Boomers also commentd on were , the Palestian question and the UN , the continued poor performance of the economy , especially the lack of job creation , and last weeks poor performance of the stock market . Baby Boomers have been trying to tell all that will listen , what happens in the other parts of the World , effects us here at home . The meaning here , if Greece defaults , or the European Union does not have a plan , it will effect your retirement portfolio . We live in a Global World ........................ Finally , a big issue is starting to emerge for Baby Boomers . It came up in some periodicals this past week . As a Baby Boomer what is your responcability when it comes to your Grand -Children ? This came to light because as parents help there children by taking care of there kids , does it limit there own life , but furthermore how much say then do they have ? Baby Boomers were disturbed to read , that a fellow Baby Boomer asked there daughter to not to have any more kids do to the amount of there Baby- Sitting -Duties . While Baby Boomers did not like the intrusion into the daughters life , they feel empathy for the Grandparents , there peers . The most common comment was , " hey wait a minute we already raised our family " . But the stress of the economic climate does add to the dynamic ................. So there you have it Baby Boomers some quick takes ........

Saturday, September 24, 2011

From the Mail Bag

As Baby Boomers write in with , issues , concerns and topics for discussion , there is a somewhat confidence in there tone of telling the story . While each Baby Boomer is different , a set of summary thoughts seem to be similar from Baby Boomer to Baby Boomer . This space has tried when this occurs to cover it with a article . In fact many of the topics selected are from the amounts of mail that takes place on a particular Baby Boomer subject .......................... For example , the story titled . " Breakfast with Mom and Dad " , is a direct result of several Baby Boomers speaking to the issue of losing a parent or parents . The thoughts that came from our Generation about how difficult the bereavement process has been , is universal to Baby Boomers at this time . Another example was the story titled . " A Hero's Life " . Here Baby Boomers lamented about , how it seemed there parents and grandparents talked in such glowing terms about the people of there day , thus prompting the question , do Baby Boomers have heroes ? Then there is the ever topical discussion of politics . Baby Boomers always so engaged continue to comment on the current landscape . The opinions are all over the map. Some conservative Baby Boomers write in after every  Republican debate . Democrats write in on a regular basis about President Obama . One interesting comment came in about , who is a better communicator , the current  President , or former President Clinton . That topic was so interesting it made it on to Linkedin . This brings up another topic , Baby Boomers are trying to find there way in the world of Social Media . While we covered a while back the emergence of Baby Boomers onto Socil Media , Baby Boomers continue to stuggle with its application to there business . They love facebook for friend and family communication , but does it help the business they just started ? While the jury is still out on the question , what seems to be common place for Baby Boomers is the subject of how to maximize Social Media ? Further how can they improve in the use of the tool ? Most Baby Boomers conceed there are different roles for different tools . For example , facebook for the masses , linkedin for the classes , i.e., facebook for social contact , linkedin for business . Baby Boomers are still trying to find there way in the twitter and Google+ world .................................. A new topic that this space will take up shortly , is what some Baby Boomers call , not feeling Guilty , for the way they have conducted there life . The meaning here is that every day you open up the newspaper and there is another bad report on the economy . Unemployment plaques Baby Boomers , and veterens go homeless . But here is the rub , for a percentage of the Baby Boomer population , this does not apply . For some Baby Boomers there career went well , there home is paid , and they do not suffer from credit card debt . These are the Baby Boomers who want there story told . They are the faces of the wealth mangement ads , and the Baby Boomers who list travel as the number one priority........................... So as we move forward covering the issues of the Baby Boom Generation , this writer continues to be proud to be a spokesperson for his Generation , and write about the the things that resonate with our Generation , Baby Boomers...........................................................Thank You for Reading, .... Rick Bava

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Baby Boomers Supply Feedback

 One of the most interesting developments of the blog , Rick Bava on the Baby Boom Generation has been the amount of feedback that has taken place . Once a story gets posted , it is then shared via Social Media as to the content . Sometimes a news source will also tell of the topic being discussed . From there Baby Boomers will read and react . For example something like , " Baby Boomers Remember the Family Vacation " , a highly read article , Baby Boomers will often share and reflect upon there own experiences , by e-mailing , Rick Bava . Sometimes on a more serious topic such as Social Security , or elderly care for parents , it is not un-common to see posts on facebook or linkedin , about the topic . As in the case where the story content deals with a company like in the article , " Baby Boomers return to Starbucks " , comments and observations make it onto that companies Social Media , or Web page .............. But in the end , the reader will simply e-mail , Rick Bava , which is indeed welcomed . Baby Boomers as it has been indicated , read this blog on a regular basis . As one Baby Boomer put it recently , writing on facebook , " it is nice to have a place for Baby Boomers to go , that speaks to the topics we are interested in , and for which we identify " ............................ Baby Boomers report that they usually look for the recent topic , if they are a regular reader , but will often go through the listing of stories to make sure they have not missed anything. Sometimes upon making a recommendation for other Baby Boomers to read , they will mention the breadth of topics , that are up on the blog for exploration .It is safe to say the responce to this blog for Baby Boomers is far beyond what was originally thought . What started out as a place to report on interviews with Baby Boomers across America , has evolved into , a regular column for Baby Boomers to take part in , read , learn , and see that they are feeling things at this stage of life , similar to other Baby Boomers................................ To all Baby Boomers who continue to read this blog on and for Baby Boomers , Thank You for the positive feedback , and Thank You for taking the time to read.........................................Regards , Rick Bava of , Rick Bava on the Baby Boom Generation

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Reaction and Comments - re : [ The State of Baby Boomer Nation ]

Every so often , you can write something that touches a nerve . The wound can be so raw , that just a light touch will cause reaction . At no time , since the blog , " Rick Bava on the Baby Boom Generation " , has existed  have Baby Boomers responded . Not  just the fact that the , story titled , " The State of Baby Boomer Nation " , was read in volume , but the depth that Baby Boomers saw in the report , seemed to touch all that absorbed the story . It appears , that Baby Boomers identified with the fact that , what was presented , was reflective of 312 of their peers . The fact that the story was honnest , to the point , and free of false hope , was what Baby Boomers most liked . They wanted the assessment , at this point in time , they wanted to know what was happening in Baby Boomer Nation . They wanted to know what truly was on the mind of Baby Boomers . By all accounts based on the feedback they received a accurate report ............................. This is very gratifying indeed , because sometimes the direct information , clear of the pep talk , does not always go over well in the mind of the reader . But Baby Boomers , some who want their old life back , or cope with their life on a day for day basis , are in no mood for a bowl of suger , when they seek lemon for their iced tea . The measure of the man , according to Norman Mailer , is to endure . The mark of the man while suffering is to come out the other side, to face the problems of the day , and take pride in meeting the challenge................ Baby Boomers are finding , that pay as you go , driving a well kept used car , and not borrowing from the 401k has merit . Baby Boomers who once were fond of saying , I play with adult toys , look foolish now , tapping into savings to finance the vacation they cannot afford . Besides , haven't Baby Boomers taken enough vacations already in their lifetime . Who needs the treadmill of keeping up with the Joneses . Baby Boomere are reflective , they have a past , it has been a good one , that had many a reward . Baby Boomers will once again with fortitude on their side , still reach their retirement dreams . But reality is what it is . The  " times they are a changing " , again , for Baby Boomers , who know change better than any other generation . So life is what it is , but Baby Boomers like they have always shown , seem to find a way to cope and find the best in a bad situration ......... The interesting thing about the 312 Baby Boomers that made up the report , on  " The State of Baby Boomer Nation " , was though pessimistic now , confidence low now , stressed out now , they believe in their heart , that their will come a day , when this night mare that we are living , will indeed pass . Some Baby Boomers even believe , when it is over we will be a better generation ................

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The State of Baby Boomer Nation

You know that scene that occurs, by law, based on the Constitution . Every year the president , gives the State of the Union Address . He reports to the people of the nation , on the country . His assessment is usually followed by what would be a good coarse of action for the upcoming year ............. The following is a small take on on that winter ritual . Since this is a blog based on Baby Boomers input , rather than the hopes and dreams of a country , the Baby Boomer State of the Nation , will be shared in late summer , and with far less grandeur .............. But make no mistake about it , the 312 Baby Boomers who had input , are every bit as concerned , as they evaluate the state of Baby Boomer Nation . It is safe to say that , Baby Boomers as a whole are not happy campers . While a small percentage , of the generation , are content , and on solid financial ground, and see a bright retirement future , they represent the minority ................. Their is also a small percentage , greater than the group described above , who are distraught , distressed , and destitute . Sadly , many described are veterans ............... The majority fall in the middle , stressed , over worked , and worried . This would be a synopsis of Baby Boomer Nation . They are the Baby Boomers who have seen and experienced the greatest of highs , and now are trying to cope with the lows .It is a group who thought the Great Depression was a history lesson  , and nothing like it , would ever be seen in the Baby Boomer lexicon ............. For a very long time it seemed , nothing very bad or serious ever happened . The house would would increase in value , stocks would be a great investment for the long term , and the technology sector would always be there to provide work . Retirement worries consisted of , warm climate housing , a fitness routine , and travel . This was a generation that was going to redefine the " Golden Years " .  Well it has , but with a far different picture .................. Those years now are about , working longer , if still employed . Those years are about , looking for work , and swallowing your pride , and the paycut that goes with it   Worse , trying to get by , on meager savings , till Social Security kicks in . Now , as if things were not bad enough , politicians , talk of the great problem , the 79 million Baby Boomers who are going to break the system . You have heard them , we need to curb entitlements ......................... This is the State of Baby Boomer Nation . What is the solution . Here is what your fellow Baby Boomers advocate : Baby Boomers first and foremost , want some protection or cover , when it comes to Social Security and Medicare . They ask where is AARP TO ADVOCATE ON BEHALF OF BABY BOOMERS . Baby Boomers also are not fond of the moving target , that being the constant drum beat of raising the age for benefits to kick in . While Baby Boomers are sensitive to fiscal discipline , they also want to point out that they have spent a lifetime , working hard and paying into the system ....................... Baby Boomers are also looking to corporate America to open up the purse strings and start hiring , Major corporations are sitting on a great deal of cash , perhaps they ought to look at some resumes . Baby Boomers have value and experience , their life lessons are valuable . Hey , Microsoft , Baby Boomers could use a job . Say Apple , we are sorry that Steve Jobs can't continue , we value his contribution and are concerned for his health , but your sitting on 76 Billion dollars .Remember those Baby Boomers who bought the Macintosh , well their still ready to contribute . The key word is contribute , Baby Boomers can add a lot of value to a company . They are not graying employees ready to be put out to pasture , but sharp minds  who have , " been there , done that " . Let them come in , and help shape the future , and by the way , let them also mentor the younger employee : just like previous generations once did ...............Mort Zuckerman , of U. S. News and World Report . asks , where is President Obama 's leadership . He wants triple AAA leadership for a triple AAA country . Their might be something to that  , the leaders of this country need to step up and help make Baby Boomers part of the solution...... because they are not the problem .............

Friday, August 26, 2011

Readers Feedback

First , the author of this blog is grateful to the Baby Boom Generation , his peers , for supporting this blog . Month over month the readership has grown , and the feedback has ben very positive . The e-mail's  received , which have been numerous , are very much appreciated ...... Most of the inbox mail . falls into three categories , the identification , the relate to the issues , and the recall of the memory . Baby Boomers like reading about what relates to other Baby Boomers . They like that their is a space where issues they are facing is being discussed . Baby Boomers have also had a rich life , with great memories , both on a individual , and historical basis . Some of the most interesting e-mail 's to read are the ones where the topic that was generated , relate to a Baby Boomer sharing their own experience.................. So Thank You for reading , and Baby Boomers can count on every effort being made to provide the generation with the best possible blog  for Baby Boomers to enjoy and relate too ................. If you wish to write in with your story , a comment , or anything that is on your mind , write to the following e-mail , [ ] . Warmest Regards , Rick Bava...........................

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Spokesperson for the Baby Boom Generation

 In responce to many reader questions , the additional background information is added to the body of the blog for Baby Boomers. Rick Bava of , Rick Bava on the Baby Boom Generation is a spokesperson for the Baby Boom Generation . The blog as you see it , that is called by many , a influential blog for Baby Boomers , is based on research , conversations and ongoing interaction with Baby Boomers. In a description to a writer for the Associated Press , Rick Bava remarked that it is a goal to stay at the pulse of his generation , Baby Boomers. As of this blog post , Rick Bava has interviewed 312  Baby Boomers , and that process is ongoing. Rick Bava has a passion for the work and  thinks that the chronicle of the Baby Boom Generation  , he hopes will make a contribution to society. Making a contribution , is the goal of most Baby Boomers at this stage of life. This is a second career for Rick Bava , having had a successful corporate life for 30 years prior to embarking on the task of observing and being a spokesperson for the Baby Boom Generation................. Rick Bava was born and raised in Chicago , was a tennis player in the tennis boom years. He began a business profession , in Boston , spent a productive tenure with the Boeing Co. in both Boston and Seattle. He made his early mark in the business world with Commodore Computer during the dawn of the computer age, and received significant notice in the later years of his carrer with his firm , The Bava Group , a premier communication consulting firm...................... He continues to be proud of  The University of Wisconsin - Madison , where he graduated with a degree in Communication with a business emphasis. He  enjoy's books , movies and sports. He currently lives in Bellevue , Wa. , which is to the east side of Seattle...........

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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