Saturday, August 27, 2011

The State of Baby Boomer Nation

You know that scene that occurs, by law, based on the Constitution . Every year the president , gives the State of the Union Address . He reports to the people of the nation , on the country . His assessment is usually followed by what would be a good coarse of action for the upcoming year ............. The following is a small take on on that winter ritual . Since this is a blog based on Baby Boomers input , rather than the hopes and dreams of a country , the Baby Boomer State of the Nation , will be shared in late summer , and with far less grandeur .............. But make no mistake about it , the 312 Baby Boomers who had input , are every bit as concerned , as they evaluate the state of Baby Boomer Nation . It is safe to say that , Baby Boomers as a whole are not happy campers . While a small percentage , of the generation , are content , and on solid financial ground, and see a bright retirement future , they represent the minority ................. Their is also a small percentage , greater than the group described above , who are distraught , distressed , and destitute . Sadly , many described are veterans ............... The majority fall in the middle , stressed , over worked , and worried . This would be a synopsis of Baby Boomer Nation . They are the Baby Boomers who have seen and experienced the greatest of highs , and now are trying to cope with the lows .It is a group who thought the Great Depression was a history lesson  , and nothing like it , would ever be seen in the Baby Boomer lexicon ............. For a very long time it seemed , nothing very bad or serious ever happened . The house would would increase in value , stocks would be a great investment for the long term , and the technology sector would always be there to provide work . Retirement worries consisted of , warm climate housing , a fitness routine , and travel . This was a generation that was going to redefine the " Golden Years " .  Well it has , but with a far different picture .................. Those years now are about , working longer , if still employed . Those years are about , looking for work , and swallowing your pride , and the paycut that goes with it   Worse , trying to get by , on meager savings , till Social Security kicks in . Now , as if things were not bad enough , politicians , talk of the great problem , the 79 million Baby Boomers who are going to break the system . You have heard them , we need to curb entitlements ......................... This is the State of Baby Boomer Nation . What is the solution . Here is what your fellow Baby Boomers advocate : Baby Boomers first and foremost , want some protection or cover , when it comes to Social Security and Medicare . They ask where is AARP TO ADVOCATE ON BEHALF OF BABY BOOMERS . Baby Boomers also are not fond of the moving target , that being the constant drum beat of raising the age for benefits to kick in . While Baby Boomers are sensitive to fiscal discipline , they also want to point out that they have spent a lifetime , working hard and paying into the system ....................... Baby Boomers are also looking to corporate America to open up the purse strings and start hiring , Major corporations are sitting on a great deal of cash , perhaps they ought to look at some resumes . Baby Boomers have value and experience , their life lessons are valuable . Hey , Microsoft , Baby Boomers could use a job . Say Apple , we are sorry that Steve Jobs can't continue , we value his contribution and are concerned for his health , but your sitting on 76 Billion dollars .Remember those Baby Boomers who bought the Macintosh , well their still ready to contribute . The key word is contribute , Baby Boomers can add a lot of value to a company . They are not graying employees ready to be put out to pasture , but sharp minds  who have , " been there , done that " . Let them come in , and help shape the future , and by the way , let them also mentor the younger employee : just like previous generations once did ...............Mort Zuckerman , of U. S. News and World Report . asks , where is President Obama 's leadership . He wants triple AAA leadership for a triple AAA country . Their might be something to that  , the leaders of this country need to step up and help make Baby Boomers part of the solution...... because they are not the problem .............

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