Friday, August 26, 2011

Readers Feedback

First , the author of this blog is grateful to the Baby Boom Generation , his peers , for supporting this blog . Month over month the readership has grown , and the feedback has ben very positive . The e-mail's  received , which have been numerous , are very much appreciated ...... Most of the inbox mail . falls into three categories , the identification , the relate to the issues , and the recall of the memory . Baby Boomers like reading about what relates to other Baby Boomers . They like that their is a space where issues they are facing is being discussed . Baby Boomers have also had a rich life , with great memories , both on a individual , and historical basis . Some of the most interesting e-mail 's to read are the ones where the topic that was generated , relate to a Baby Boomer sharing their own experience.................. So Thank You for reading , and Baby Boomers can count on every effort being made to provide the generation with the best possible blog  for Baby Boomers to enjoy and relate too ................. If you wish to write in with your story , a comment , or anything that is on your mind , write to the following e-mail , [ ] . Warmest Regards , Rick Bava...........................

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