Saturday, August 13, 2011

Spokesperson for the Baby Boom Generation

 In responce to many reader questions , the additional background information is added to the body of the blog for Baby Boomers. Rick Bava of , Rick Bava on the Baby Boom Generation is a spokesperson for the Baby Boom Generation . The blog as you see it , that is called by many , a influential blog for Baby Boomers , is based on research , conversations and ongoing interaction with Baby Boomers. In a description to a writer for the Associated Press , Rick Bava remarked that it is a goal to stay at the pulse of his generation , Baby Boomers. As of this blog post , Rick Bava has interviewed 312  Baby Boomers , and that process is ongoing. Rick Bava has a passion for the work and  thinks that the chronicle of the Baby Boom Generation  , he hopes will make a contribution to society. Making a contribution , is the goal of most Baby Boomers at this stage of life. This is a second career for Rick Bava , having had a successful corporate life for 30 years prior to embarking on the task of observing and being a spokesperson for the Baby Boom Generation................. Rick Bava was born and raised in Chicago , was a tennis player in the tennis boom years. He began a business profession , in Boston , spent a productive tenure with the Boeing Co. in both Boston and Seattle. He made his early mark in the business world with Commodore Computer during the dawn of the computer age, and received significant notice in the later years of his carrer with his firm , The Bava Group , a premier communication consulting firm...................... He continues to be proud of  The University of Wisconsin - Madison , where he graduated with a degree in Communication with a business emphasis. He  enjoy's books , movies and sports. He currently lives in Bellevue , Wa. , which is to the east side of Seattle...........

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