Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Reaction and Comments - re : [ The State of Baby Boomer Nation ]

Every so often , you can write something that touches a nerve . The wound can be so raw , that just a light touch will cause reaction . At no time , since the blog , " Rick Bava on the Baby Boom Generation " , has existed  have Baby Boomers responded . Not  just the fact that the , story titled , " The State of Baby Boomer Nation " , was read in volume , but the depth that Baby Boomers saw in the report , seemed to touch all that absorbed the story . It appears , that Baby Boomers identified with the fact that , what was presented , was reflective of 312 of their peers . The fact that the story was honnest , to the point , and free of false hope , was what Baby Boomers most liked . They wanted the assessment , at this point in time , they wanted to know what was happening in Baby Boomer Nation . They wanted to know what truly was on the mind of Baby Boomers . By all accounts based on the feedback they received a accurate report ............................. This is very gratifying indeed , because sometimes the direct information , clear of the pep talk , does not always go over well in the mind of the reader . But Baby Boomers , some who want their old life back , or cope with their life on a day for day basis , are in no mood for a bowl of suger , when they seek lemon for their iced tea . The measure of the man , according to Norman Mailer , is to endure . The mark of the man while suffering is to come out the other side, to face the problems of the day , and take pride in meeting the challenge................ Baby Boomers are finding , that pay as you go , driving a well kept used car , and not borrowing from the 401k has merit . Baby Boomers who once were fond of saying , I play with adult toys , look foolish now , tapping into savings to finance the vacation they cannot afford . Besides , haven't Baby Boomers taken enough vacations already in their lifetime . Who needs the treadmill of keeping up with the Joneses . Baby Boomere are reflective , they have a past , it has been a good one , that had many a reward . Baby Boomers will once again with fortitude on their side , still reach their retirement dreams . But reality is what it is . The  " times they are a changing " , again , for Baby Boomers , who know change better than any other generation . So life is what it is , but Baby Boomers like they have always shown , seem to find a way to cope and find the best in a bad situration ......... The interesting thing about the 312 Baby Boomers that made up the report , on  " The State of Baby Boomer Nation " , was though pessimistic now , confidence low now , stressed out now , they believe in their heart , that their will come a day , when this night mare that we are living , will indeed pass . Some Baby Boomers even believe , when it is over we will be a better generation ................

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