Saturday, November 19, 2011

Three Popular Stories

 Since this blog began , most stories have been well read and received . Just like anything else , some have had more attention than others . For example in April topics dealing with elderly parents care , death of parents , and dealing with the estate of loved ones , garnered a great deal of attention . Their has been articles on remembering the family vacation , or ten movies for Baby Boomers that very much resonated with the audience . A article on Baby Boomers returning to Starbucks brought a great deal of attention to the blog and have resulted in a vast readership ................ But there has never been a week llike this last one . Where three consecutive stories became so poplular with the Baby Boomer audience , the readers of this blog . The spike in the readership has been gratifying . It is great that Baby Boomers have found a home to read about topics that interest them , and as the publisher , one can only hope that when you create something , it finds a audience................. The three stories that are being refered to , deal with separate and diverse topics. The only thing they have in common is that they were written back to back , and written and largely read in the same week , last week . The warm comments from fellow Baby Boomers , about the stories prompted me to make a note of it this morning . They were as follows : " Presidential Timber " , dealing with the qualifications to run for President and be President . Another concerning , " Tim Tebow " , the much talked about young quaterback of the Denver Broncos , and the third , and this one really lit up the phone lines [ the e-mail inbox ] , the story about the , " Question of Failure " . What made this such a hot button issue was that it was based on a discussion that has been going on in the group page of the Harvard Business Review page on  Linkedin . Taking the position that Harvard connected people could be doing more for the world that we are living in , then a feel sorry for themselves , or class project on Social Network , got Baby Boomers juices flowing .............................. In the end , I wanted to take the time to Thank all of you who read on a regular basis , and the new readers , who maybe found a voice through the articles of the past week................   Regards , Rick Bava

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