Friday, October 21, 2011

Publisher Note......

To date there are 114 articles available for Baby Boomers to view . They are on a wide range of topics . One can read about Elderly Care for Parents or Baby Boomers returning to Starbucks . Baby Boomers can explore the realism of losing a parent , and dealing with there Estate, or more light hearted topics such as recalling the family vacation of your youth , or 10 Movies for Baby Boomers . When coming on to the site , perhaps after reading one of the current articles , feel free to go through the archives , look over the titles , and enjoy subject matter germane to the Baby Boomer Generation ................ To date 312 Baby Boomers have been interviewed , and feedback from articles read has been rich , thus the content reflects , Baby Boomers , where they have been , where they are in there life today , and thoughts toward the future ................................ Thank You for reading ,,,,,,,, Rick Bava

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