Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rick Bava to Write for Today's Senior Magazine

     Baby Boomer spokesperson Rick Bava can now be read in Today's Senior Magazine.

In a column titled, " The Baby Boomer Corner," he will bring his perspective and commentary, about Baby Boomers to the respected publication, Today's Senior Magazine.

Today's Senior Magazine, is the popular National Magazine for people over 50.  Rick Bava will bring insight about Baby Boomers, in a featured space, as part of the magazine.

     This blog space so widely read by Baby Boomers, was always seen as being about Baby Boomers, presented by a Baby Boomer. That same spirit is now a part of the regular featured column, seen in the highly read, Today's Senior Magazine.

Baby Boomers are invited to read and take part in this unique presentation to and for, the generation.............

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