Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Rick Bava comments on -"In Search of the Baby Boomer Generation"

My name is Rick Bava, and I am the Author of, "In Search of the Baby Boomer Generation." For over two years I traveled the country interviewing and talking to Baby Boomers. It was a rewarding experience. It is the input of hundreds of Baby Boomers from across the United States, who provided the input, that fueled the commentary in this book. Baby Boomers from all walks of life, and socioeconomis classes, formed the thesis of this book.

Many Baby Boomers who have read the book tell me that they can identify with the content in the book. Baby Boomers share with me the feeling of a special kinship , for they see in this book aspects of there own story. Baby Boomers have alway's been a generation that does best, through the interaction of there peers, so the communication from a fellow Baby Boomer through the lives of other Baby Boomers, resonates.

I am very proud of this book, and it is my hope that other Baby Boomers will be proud of it to. "In Search of the Baby Boomer Generation," a book presented to Baby Boomers, written by a Baby Boomer, with the input of hundreds of Baby Boomers.

Rick Bava
Author of--"In Search of the Baby Boomer Generation"

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