Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Book for Baby Boomers ...


"In Search of the Baby Boomer Generation," is a book written by Baby Boomer thought leader- Rick Bava. It is a book for Baby Boomers written by a Baby Boomer.

The Author-- Rick Bava--traveled the country for two years speaking to Baby Boomers to draw a peer to peer inference to the book. Rick Bava is himself a Baby Boomer, so he draws upon his own experiences to add content and context to the book. The book is a look at
Baby Boomers as a generation, the Baby Boomer as he or she was, their issues and concerns now, and a snapshot of Baby Boomers going forward.

The book--"In Search of the Baby Boomer Generation," celebrates one year as an acclaimed book for Baby Boomers. Baby Boomers will identify with the theme of the book, and will come away feeling that the book is for them--members of the Baby Boomer Generation...

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