Monday, January 2, 2017

A path forward for Baby Boomers...

Rick Bava continues his work as a thought leader for the Baby Boomer Generation. As he writes his column for Today's Senior Magazine titled, The Baby Boomer Corner, he looks for insights that address issues facing Baby Boomers in 2017. As part of the select group-at Newsmax, known as the-The Insiders, he contines in hs role as the Baby Boomer expert for-Newsmax-featured in that work is the blog--The Boomer Generation. Rick Bava is part of the media outlet-Boomer Nation, that includes a unique radio program--and commentary newsletters-highlighting the Baby Boomer Generation.

Rick Bava is the Author of the acclaimed book--"In Search of the Baby Boomer Generation," that is seen, as a book, that looks at where Baby Boomers have been, and the path forward for the generation...

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