Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Background on Bava--A Baby Boomer

Rick Bava is a Baby Boomer , born in 1955. Baby Boomers are defined as individuals born between - 1946- 1964. Rick Bava has established himself as a Baby Boomer thought leader. This is the result of his acclaimed book- "In Search of the Baby Boomer Generation." Further, he is the Baby Boomer point person for Today's Senior Magazine, with one key aspect being his respected column- The Baby Boomer Corner.

His reach extends to his Baby Boomer leadership role, with Newsmax, with a key aspect- his blog titled, The Boomer Generation. Rick Bava is also associated with the media outlet, Boomer Nation, which includes a broadcast component.

Rick Bava is like many Baby Boomers who are into their second career, or Encore career. After being a thirty year, successful business man, he embarked on making a ongoing contribution, to society, in his case being a chronicle of the Baby Boomer Generation....

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